For best service, you would want to use native language in talking to your customers. Knowing that, we designed P3chat with localization in mind from the very beginning. So, P3chat is a truly multi-language tool — both P3chat widget that shows up on your site, and configuration pages you see on P3chat site after you Sign In.

Of course we cannot afford doing a job our customers have not requested yet. So languages available right now are the following:
  • العربية (Arabic) *
  • Català (Catalan) *
  • Čeština (Czech) *
  • Deutsch (German) *
  • Eesti (Estonian) *
  • English
  • Español (Spanish) *
  • Français (French) *
  • עִבְרִית (Hebrew) *
  • Galego (Galician) *
  • Italiano (Italian) *
  • 한국의 (Korean) *
  • Nederlands (Dutch) *
  • Norsk (Norwegian) *
  • فارسی (Persian) *
  • Polski (Polish) **
  • Português (Portuguese) *
  • Limba Română (Romanian) *
  • Русский (Russian)
  • Slovenský (Slovak) *
  • Slovenščina (Slovenian) *
  • Svenska (Swedish) *
  • Suomi (Finnish) *
  • Türkçe (Turkish) *
  • Українська (Ukrainian) *
* widget only,
** widget and operator commands.

Special offer

If you want to see P3chat in a different language than listed above, please email us. We have a special offer for those who can contribute a translation.

Credit: Luso Digital (for Portuguese), Heuzé Florent (for French), Kudest (for Ukranian), Hamid Zaeri (for Persian), Ramón J González (for Spanish and Galician), Christian Marquart (for German), (for Korean and Italian), AzulGroup (for Romanian and Catalan), KimBruland (for Norwegian), (for Arabic), Brightmill Interim Management (for Swedish).

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