Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Operator Working Hours Improved

We implemented Time Zone and Working Hours settings some time ago. We knew that Operator Working hours control had limitations.  The most important of them was inability to set day offs and lunch breaks. It's time to address this limitation now.

New Working Hours Controls

We implemented new controls. They are located at the same place in P3chat Control Panel — the bottom of Operators page — and now they look as following (click to enlarge):
Fig.1 - P3chat Control Panel > Operators > Working hours pane

Quick overview of the improvements:
  • Switch to Extended view to set working hours individually for any day/hour of the week
  • Switch between 12-hour/24-hour clock
  • View total working time for every day and for the whole week
  • Click Presets links to quickly set common working patterns
  • View Operator Working hours in Rich Web Client (see picture below)
Fig.2 - P3chat Rich Web Client > Operator information

That's all for now. Hope you find this feature useful. More of them will come soon!

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