Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Some Tips about Stress Management: Personal Experience

Like everyone has experienced at one point or another, sometimes life just throws you a bad week when everything goes wrong. That was what happened to me, and as a result my stress level went thru the roof. To top it all off, I had to redo an entire project at work and just wanted to explode. I began trying to figure out a way to manage my stress before it got the best of me, and decided to do some research on this topic. The good news is that I figured a few things out, and wanted to share what I learned with everyone so you can manage stress as well.

 Personal habits

The first thing to know is that in order to manage stress well you have to take care of yourself. By having a healthy body, you will also have a peaceful mind.
  • As human beings, our body is hardwired to have stress as a life-savings mechanism in the event of an emergency. In our modern society though, we seldom face life or death situations, so stress manifests itself in other ways like in our jobs, family, and personal lives.
  • It is absolutely critical to have a healthy diet. Quality, nutritious food will keep your body and mind functioning at peak efficiency. If you eat junk food, you are setting yourself up for failure because you will be trying to function without any fuel.
  • Regular exercise, such as running, walking, or lifting weights have been scientifically proven to help in dealing with stress. They provide an outlet for excess energy, and help us to regulate our metabolism. Personally, I spend time running each morning as that brings me peace and happiness.
  • Invest in family, friends, and other social activities. Seek out the support and friendship of others as they will help you when things are rough and you need a helping hand. Even if it is just someone to listen to you talk, getting things off your chest can work wonders.

Do your homework: information about product/service

At your job, make sure that you are prepared for each day and possible contingencies. This is especially important in customer service. Having some prepared, canned responses for potential customer issues can help head off problems:
  • Analyze your products or service. What prices do you have? Are any discounts available for your customers?
  • What are the time limits for your services and product delivery?What will you do if a customer has a problem with the delivery?
  • Is there any specific information that you should tell a customer before the sale?
Don’t focus so much about the grand scheme of things at times so much as each individual sale. Concern yourself with what you can do about the customer in front of you, and not other things outside of your control. 

Do your homework: office desk

Usually, you have some typical things around you such as a drink, pen, pencil, notebook, cell phone and calendar. Your job from a stress management perspective is to organize everything to make your life easier. Some practical advice to help:
  • Be aware of your surroundings at all times and keep track of where you put things. Disaster can result when you forget about things.
  • Have all of your office supplies like pencils all sharpened and ready to go.

Customers need your attention

When you work in live chat, it is difficult when all of your channels are full and a line of waiting new customers is there too. How to manage it?
  • Don’t panic. Nobody can talk to hundred people at once. Manage few of them and concentrated on that who has the most potential to become paying customer.
  • Be prepared to answer the same question hundreds of times a day. That is normal, so you should prepare canned responses very carefully. At first someone will teach you how to answer them, but later it’s all on you. Show patience, and don’t get upset when you have to say the same things over and over to different people. 
  • Keep in mind that people are not proficient at online usage and may lack intelligence or manners. Remain polite, respect them, and they will respect you.
  • Keep in mind suggestions on how to deal with angry customer.
  • Take care of your live chat security and check for good advice.

So, what is the main idea of these tips?

The main idea is to take responsibility of your stress management. Do not worry too much, but take care of your health, your desk and customers. Prepare yourself and be ready to work. Be patient with unhappy, angry customers. That is not as easy as it sounds, but nevertheless, you can manage stress if you use the tips described above. Your job is not easy dealing with customers via live chat sometimes. However, if you can manage yourself, you will manage your stress triggers. That will lead to great results.

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