Wednesday, April 16, 2014

New feature: Export of Message History

We are always happy to improve our product and adjust it to your needs. This time we developed a new feature — Export of Message History. All the details are under the cut.

Two new options

You have two options to export your chat history. You can choose from either the CSV or XLSX format. Here's how:

Fig.1 - P3chat Control Panel > Message History

First go to P3chat Control Panel > Message History, choose period of time and then choose format of data to export (CSV or XLSX), click on it to save the file to your hard disk.

Why do I need a Chat History Export? 

The answer is simple — for post-processing. In the exported document you have access to all your chat sessions, their timings, operator and customer details (if provided) and message texts. This allows you to build sophisticated reports and/or charts for your boss to prove the effectiveness of your Live Chat strategy.

Why CSV and XLSX?

CSV is an old and well-supported format that you can open in virtually any spreadsheet program on your Mac, PC, Linux or Mobile. But if your conversations are not in English alone, you might see ‘garbage’ instead of non-English characters because the format is simply so old, they didn’t thought it well enough.

XLSX is a new Microsoft (actually, open) format that handles non-English characters just fine, but it’s possible that your program doesn’t understand it (yet). The most popular programs, like MS Excel, Open Office and Google Spreadsheets do support it.

In-App reports?

We anticipate your question. Why not provide the reports inside a P3chat Dashboard? The answer is: we do work on reporting engine. Yes, we do. But the biggest question is what exact reports are the most useful for you? So, we decided to release this 'plug' at first and then ask what reports were created based on it, and proved to be useful.

We hope to get this feedback from you and see cool Reporting capabilities of P3chat soon.

Stay tuned. All the best.

P3chat team

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