Monday, January 6, 2014

How to work with clients after holidays?

And now we’re back. Holidays have passed and our team is here to continue our job. As both of us knows that after-holidays period is quite unpleasant we need to prepare our mind for this period too. It’s very important to understand how your customers are feeling after holidays. Otherwise you will lose them with bad approach. Customers spent much money for presents and/or vocations. They are unpleased to come back to work. Who does? And your job is to take care of them. To sell and or to take their questions.

This article will share some ideas how to work with after-holiday customers with a little bit of help by P3chat Live Chat.

After-holidays business stress

Reality as it is: everybody needs to come back and do their job. After-holiday period has a special expression in English — Post-vacation blues. Wikipedia defines it:
A person may suffer from post vacation blues after returning home or to a normal routine from a long vacation, especially if it was a pleasurable one. The symptoms are these: tiredness, loss of appetite, strong feelings of nostalgia, and in some cases, depression.
Is that means that you can forget happy faces and big amounts of money that were spent before the holidays? For some segments of customers, unfortunately, yes. But still, there are other customers who are looking what to buy and what to ask. You need to be patient and prepared to do your best for those who are still active (searching & listening).

The main thing is to understand emotional exhaustion of your customers and prepare some small moments of happiness. They will appreciate that.

Yes, it’s always a stress for your business too. But every bad situation has the right solution. Here are few steps that will help you survive this period.

Fight back with a smile on your face

No, it’s not another "super-duper article" about "super-duper optimism". I just wanna say that you need to be optimistic when you know how to attract customers in this situation. Actually, after holidays customer wants to be surprised by your attention. He/she wants to get a small present, something positive, and something that will make him feel good again. It can be free bonus for his/her goods or new design of your website. If you have loyalty program you can give some kind of "discount for new year cooperation". Something that makes him/her special and does not cost too much for you. Or maybe cost for you more but it will last longer (like new web design). So, don’t worry too much if you will find out some letdown from customers. It’s just emotion after holidays.

When you talk with your clients via P3chat Live, use expressions or canned responses that create understanding and trust. It could be like these: "As we all live in a post holidays period, we will give you a discount…", "I had to prepare a lot of presents this Christmas like you, so take your time to make a decision". Good atmosphere in the beginning is always a good practice.

Provide instant solutions. As people after holidays usually feel distracted, be prepared to repeat information and be calm when he/she doesn’t "get simple things". Customers are smart, just holidays for some of them were like a heaven and now they have to come back to a job and feel like in hell. Your job is to be like an angel "in their eyes": salesperson or customer care specialist who knows how to be good when customers feels bad.

If your business has an opportunity to be a part of customers New Year declaration — go for it! As people are worrying about them. Be a part of their success and they will be happy to be a part of your business.
So that would be the main suggestions on what to do during "Post-vacation blues"? Of course, you can find your own methods how to deal with customers during depressing post-holidays period.  We just shared some ideas. But make sure that these ideas were adapted by your situation, so be creative.

As always, we are waiting for your feedback and your ideas on what kind of information would be useful for you. Don’t hesitate to comment this or other article of ours.

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