Monday, December 23, 2013

What if Santa Claus would use Live Сhat?

Ask me straight, why am I writing this article? Why Santa Claus is in the title? Yes, because of coming holidays and yes, because Santa is a symbol of appreciation. As many people who believe in Christmas time miracle we believe too. We believe that people should appreciate what they have and what they reached during a year. 

P3chat team appreciates all of you who joined our community of Live Chat users. We say 'Thank You' to all of you! We wish you to grow further and to have great results next year. And as it is Christmas time, we would like to share some fun ideas, numbers about Santa Claus and live chat as environmentally friendly tool. That is, to make you smile, but not only that…

Santa needs help to manage the letters

A lot of children are waiting for presents from Santa, who always rewards for being “good person” during holiday’s celebration in December or January.  But have you ever thought how Santa collects all the wishes? Yes, we were thought to write letters. Let’s imagine how many letters Santa gets per year… Yes, it's a big heap of paper. 

So, Santa should have a great memory or a lot of workers to compile a long list of presents and destinations. But what if Santa would use Live Chat? He would have all the wishes in digital appearance and with special algorithm he could make a nice list of presents/wishes and addresses were and to whom he should bring them. 

Santa should think about environment

Let’s do some math. How many trees someone must cut off to make so many papers to write all those letters? Yes, definitely too much. If we will count that we have 378 million children under 18 years old around the world who are waiting for Santa and each child use one A4 format paper to send a letter (we will not count envelopes and stamps here), we will get these numbers: 1 tree can be converted to approximately 80500 A4 format papers So 378000000 divided by 80500 will give us a result of 4696 trees cut to send the entire letters. Can you imagine this number of trees just send one single letter per person? Santa should think about this very seriously…

Live Chat instead of emails?

Let’s imagine that Santa uses Live Chat. Live chat is definitely faster than open, read, and send answer to a child who wishes something via e-mail. As child sends a wish, for example: ”I wish to get a new iPad”, Santa already sees who is he/she, from which country, city and probably how good this child was during the year (using special mental abilities of course or just some new technology that P3chat will invent next year :)).

Then Santa uses canned responses to make fast answer. Let’s see how fast Santa must be. If we presume, that he needs just list of presents, addresses and he already have everything (I mean all the presents) in this warehouse it makes his noble mission easier. Let’s say that Santa has 1 month to collect all the wishes. That means he must write 8468 answers per minute! So, Live chat is a much better way to send the answers. You just need to open, read, use canned response and push close button. Done.

Well, we are happy that Live chat is useful tool even for Santa :) 

Few more words for you personally…

Yes, this article was written with the reason to make you smile. And yes, we wrote it as a part of our promotional reasons. But at the same time we gave you few reasons to be proud of using our Live Chat service.  First of all you do answer faster for your clients. You work more effectively than without it. Second, you can collect customers’ information faster. So, your business is doing better too.
At the end we are thankful that all of you are with us, for your cooperation. We are thankful for your proposals how to improve our product, for your understanding and patience when we are updating it. We are proud of being part of your business success. We hope to have long term cooperation with you. At the moment we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let all dreams come true next year!  

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