Thursday, December 19, 2013

Angry customer: how to deal with him/her online?

Holidays are coming. On the one hand, e-shops are pushing their ads and sales people to show the best result. On the other hand, customers are searching for the best presents and service. In this chaotic situation there is a big chance to meet angry customer. Angry because he/she can’t find something on your website or don’t have enough money to buy something or he/she is in hurry. So there is a big challenge to find solutions with such customer. Let us show some examples how to do that.

Angry people are possibility to you!
Right, they are possibility. You think it’s a joke? Not at all! How is that possible? Angry people are those who are looking for something and are emotionally high. That means if you are patient and know customer care strategies – you will find the solution to sell him/her the right product/service for the right price.

Calm down and listen
First of all, it’s important thing to be polite.Yes, that’s hard as hell to talk with customer when he/she is yelling at you. Even via live chat you can understand it. But words like "May I ask you to correct me…", "Please, tell me why you are angry?", "Could you please tell me what exactly you are looking for?" and etc., are very important when you are dealing with angry customer.

Please understand difference between correctness and humiliation. You are NOT the worst employee of the company and your company is not the most difficult in the whole world. Customer is emotionally high. Calm down and find the facts. It’s only a sales process not your personal disaster.

The main rule when you are talking to such a person is listening.  Listening to find out: why he/she is angry about? Can’t find something? Have a difficult personal/job time? Can’t understand how to navigate your website? Be a good reader/listener when using live chat app and make clear understanding WHY customer is angry. You are not psychologist. You are a salesperson or customer service specialist. Your mission is to sell and take care of customer in the frame of your work. But you have to listen and understand customer. Only this way will lead to success.

Strategies to solve the problem with angry client
  • Find out how you personally can solve the problem? Use your company rules of customer care. If you still don’t have one – create it now.  If he/she is angry because of you or your company real reasons – apologize. Usually angry customers change their behavior after that. You probably will have more civilized discussion.
  • Then take ownership and formulate a solution. Customer likes to get solutions. They don’t like to create it. Be ready to suggest it to him/her.
  • Other strategy is kindness. Respect customer and let him/her to feel important. That affects customers a lot. They like to be special for someone in this "crazy world".
  • Remember that good care is not fast care. Take a time for a customer if you see possibility to convert him/her to a buyer. It takes time, but it worths it. Every company can be fast but quality comes with professional experience and patience. Customers are very good at finding out who cares about them. Don’t lose this chance.

Other ways to take care of angry customer when using Live Chat:
  • Use customer’s name.
  • Try to be specific about client (personalization) talk what is most important to this customer not customers in general. 
  • Be clear when you write. Don’t make mistakes and simplify your expressions.
  • Prepare "nice words" and expressions with Canned Responses.
  • Always remember that customer tells not all information. Your customers wish you knew more about this.
Hope these suggestions will give you good ideas to prepare this type of "crisis management".

Further steps  (‘post-mortem analysis’)
  • Analyze your conversation with angry customer.
  • Understand what kind of expressions gave you the best results.
  • Were you made good and were situation went wrong and why?
  • Share your experience with team members. That will help to prevent others from yours mistakes and will give the best practice.

P3chat team wishes you to find the best solutions to manage angry customers. Please share your experience with us about such situations. We are eager to read your stories.

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