Monday, November 4, 2013

P3chat™ for the E-shops. How to make a better Customers Service?

E-shops are generating more sales than ever before. In the Europe Union the average of Internet users, who use Internet to shop online, is 59%. For example, in Britain the online retailers have reached the fastest growth in sales in 13 years.

Competition among the e-shops has become  fierce and therefore retailers are looking for better ways to attract customers. One of the ways how to attract online users is Live Chat.

Why is live chat’s function important in the e-shop?

Salespeople already know how important it is to have contacts page on their website. But the live chat option is just growing in the field of e-shops and customers prefer to use it. Why? The main advantages of the live chat are these: possibility to get answers immediately, possibility for customers to multitask when they are using live chat. So, customers are looking for personalization and time saving options.

What does it mean for the retailer? Simple rule like: nobody wants to be a simple user, no one wants to be in the long cue of e-mails to get answer about the product/service. So, use personalization, invest in personal communication with customers. Give them possibility to chat with sales person ‘eye-to-eye’ via live chat. And you will get happy customers. Happy customers mean sales growth. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation.

P3chat™ for e-shops gives useful solutions

P3chat™ is a trending option for small & medium enterprises (SME) to make customer service more qualified. First of all, P3chat is easy to set up: there is no installation and no kind of configuration is needed to get started. You can use your favorite Instant Messenger app, including Skype, or our pro-oriented Rich Web Client.

Secondly, companies that are willing to use P3chat™ have different options in price. So, it’s easy to choose the best option for low income SME. It saves money and gives a great tool to create a better customer service.

One of the newest features in P3chat™ tool is canned responses. It gives option to save customer’s time when you are talking with a several customers and to be correct in answers at the same time. So, P3chat gives e-shops an opportunity to provide customers with what they expect from great companies: personalization and time-saving service.

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