Monday, November 18, 2013

Online customer service: Why it’s important and how to do it better?

The necessity to communicate well was a vital skill for humans since ancient times. In today’s tough economic climate, effective communication with your customers is critical in order to provide superior service

Why online customer service becomes so important?

"Image courtesy of".Here are some well-known statistics about customers, who leave organization: 1% of them are deceased, 9% leave because of competitive reasons, 14% are dissatisfied with the product and 68% are dissatisfied with the service.

How to get attention of the customer and influence him/her to make the right decision? How to communicate with customers, who are looking for the most competitive products online? How to serve a customer who is angry, looking for a solution to his problem? These and much more questions become a headache for salespersons and customer service specialists.

One of the quickest ways to communicate with a customer is Live Chat. It is still a new thing for lots of small and medium enterprises. However, it is very useful as it requires the user to supply little, if any, personal information and allows companies to provide quick and personal customer service. 
So, how to improve online communication?

First of all, remember etiquette. People like to be respected and admitted. So, don’t lose your possibility to read about Internet etiquette or Netiquette.  It will give you understanding how to be respectful with online customers.

The main rule is always the same: “Remember the human.” Gazing at a computer screen and typing  another one of many emails may cause you to forget that words do indeed mean something, and the recipient of those words is a human being, not the "Send" button.

Very few people can write as fast as they think or talk. So, take some time to think about the answer. People like to be understood quickly. If you chat with few customers at once, don’t mix answers and try to be specific while responding each customer’s question. 

Communicate online in the same way as you would do in person.This means simply paying respect and attention to the main idea of what the customer wants.

Moreover, avoid acronyms. If you are a professional, usually you use at least a few acronyms. Don’t do that with online user even you are multitasking. Just make sure that your Canned responses are prepared and use them to be as clear as possible.  Feel like a sniper: one question one good answer saves your time from additional questioning.  But at the same time you should be as short as possible. Nobody likes to read long answers. So be balanced.  

P3chat Live Chat creates situation when potential customer and salespeople are engaged in a personal contact. So you are more likely to turn that contact into a customer. Use the best practice and your previous experience to create a fruitful conversion and meet needs of the customer.

Nothing eases people’s worries better than good humor. Don’t be just canned responses machine. Use right humor if possible. But be careful. Different nations have different understanding of humor.

So, let’s hope you found some good tips, which will help to create a better online customer service. All the best!

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