Monday, November 25, 2013

Money & Live Chat: can you earn?

This article is dedicated to show how live chat as a communication channel helps web-based business to earn. For those who use live chat program already we wish all the best and hope you will grow your incomes faster and faster. For those who are not sure about to use or not to use live chat on website we hope to give some arguments for it.

Wish you a good reading and please give us a feedback.

Market trend

Let’s take a look at some statistics about online retail market. In USA in 2012 the grow reaches 224,2 billions of dollars in this market. What is interesting about Europe? Three countries takes biggest part of pie in this market: UK, Germany and France take 71% percent.

Online shopping days come to reality as real "Black Fridays". So necessity to prepare salespersons and customer service to give accurate and respectful answers about products online becomes more and more important.

Online shopping becomes the same as the real trip to supermarkets. In this case it generates even more income than real shop as you don’t need spend money for the network of the shops in different locations. All you need is a warehouse and sales persons and IT team and logistic service (or you can rent it).

What does it mean? Competitive atmosphere among online retailers will push to get best solutions to serve customers. We make a presumption that growth of online retail market will increase the usage of live chat solutions as the best way to serve the online customer. So usage of live chat software will grow in the other parts of the world too.

Success with live chat

We can find stories of success about using live chat software for different companies. From big to small enterprises live chat solution helps to increase leads generation and convert them to paying customers.

Off course, conversion must be done according to accurately prepared plan. Some steps for such plan you can find in our blog. About how to be a better communicator with online customer and how live chat programs can be useful for the e-shops. These articles will help you to increase your conversion rate now and we plan to unveil more useful tips in the coming posts too. Stay tuned!

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