Monday, November 25, 2013

Money & Live Chat: can you earn?

This article is dedicated to show how live chat as a communication channel helps web-based business to earn. For those who use live chat program already we wish all the best and hope you will grow your incomes faster and faster. For those who are not sure about to use or not to use live chat on website we hope to give some arguments for it.

Wish you a good reading and please give us a feedback.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Online customer service: Why it’s important and how to do it better?

The necessity to communicate well was a vital skill for humans since ancient times. In today’s tough economic climate, effective communication with your customers is critical in order to provide superior service

Why online customer service becomes so important?

"Image courtesy of".Here are some well-known statistics about customers, who leave organization: 1% of them are deceased, 9% leave because of competitive reasons, 14% are dissatisfied with the product and 68% are dissatisfied with the service.

How to get attention of the customer and influence him/her to make the right decision? How to communicate with customers, who are looking for the most competitive products online? How to serve a customer who is angry, looking for a solution to his problem? These and much more questions become a headache for salespersons and customer service specialists.

Monday, November 4, 2013

P3chat™ for the E-shops. How to make a better Customers Service?

E-shops are generating more sales than ever before. In the Europe Union the average of Internet users, who use Internet to shop online, is 59%. For example, in Britain the online retailers have reached the fastest growth in sales in 13 years.

Competition among the e-shops has become  fierce and therefore retailers are looking for better ways to attract customers. One of the ways how to attract online users is Live Chat.