Saturday, October 19, 2013

Canned Responses

Hello again! P3chat team is exciting to share some good news with you about the new feature of our product. Hope you like it as much as we do. As you already got it from the blog post title, we are talking about Canned Responses.    

This feature is very useful when you are really busy at work and some answers for dear customers are typical and don’t need any creativity.

Especially it’s useful when you keep asking yourself: ‘How to create canned responses?’, ‘How to make automatic answers?’ or ‘How to give great and quick answer for the customer?’. These questions pushed us to create Canned responses for P3chat (as well as your feedback, of course!).

How Canned Responses work with Live Chat

First of all, it works pretty much like Gmail's canned responses, if you are familiar with it. Operators can add several prepared responses and then they are automatically displayed in live chat dialog as soon as customer service or salesperson begins to write an answer (3 characters, at least). So, dear customer gets the answer in really fast and typos-free way.

Easy, isn’t it?

But let me show you how it works, using some graphics. Note: all pictures below depict the user interface of Rich Web Client app. Everything about Canned responses can be done directly in-the-app, without need to login to your P3chat Control Panel.

First step is authoring Canned responses. This can be done on Settings > Canned responses pane:

Pic1. RWC Settings. Adding canned responses.

Please notice that old canned responses are filtered out when you start typing the new one. This is to help you avoid creating duplicated responses that would turn to be messy soon, otherwise.

Second step is using responses. It is as easy as typing a few keystrokes in the chat box:

Pic2. RWC Chat dialog. Using canned responses.

The gory details

All responses are global, that is visible, available and modifiable by all operators using Rich Web Client (or RWC, shortly). If you need more information about Rich Web Client, just go here.

But that’s not the end. As we want quality in our results, we see new ways to improve the feature. For example, we might implement more fine-grained control over the grouping of responses and have some of them available to a specific department only or to an individual operator. Another idea is not show you the usage numbers, so that you can track the performance of each response and figure out how much time your group saved on not-typing something over and over again.
Not so bad? We eager to hear some feedback from you and enhance the feature based on the feedback received.

That's all this time. Please let us know what you think about this feature and if you found a bug or have any suggestions how to make it better — feel free to write us.


  1. Nice...
    Now it only works after typing the first word, Can you make it appear after typing the first letter? Or maybe show the canned responses on the right side of the page to just click to insert the canned response?

  2. Sammy, thanks for your question.

    In fact, it doesn't work after typing the first word -- it is triggered after typing any first 3 letters. It's just happened so that your first word had 3 letters, I guess :)

    We experimented with 1-2 letters and found that it is triggered way to often this way, becasue the match is searched in any place of the response string, not just at the beginning. Searching this way is delibetare too: one is more likely to remember the keyword rather than the beginning of the phrase, and the keyword may appear in any part of the phrase.

    I hope that helps. Typing 3 letters is not that hard finally - trust me :)