Friday, August 9, 2013

Integration with Zendesk

In this article you will find a quick guide to integrate P3chat Live Chat solution with Zendesk help desk service.

But first, let’s recap what Zendesk customers will get from this integration:

  1. Automatically create tickets with chat transcripts to get them through issue solving workflow and to be sure that 100% of requests are processed to the logical end.
  2. See Zendesk profile details (name, phone, notes, details, tags and tickets number) of customers in real-time using P3chat Rich Web Client.
  3. Create tickets manually in one click if you want to be in control.

Basic integration

Integration is easy and starts in P3chat Dashboard. Login, navigate to Integrations section and fill Zendesk integration form: 
  • domain
  • email  your company Zendesk administrator email
  • API Token / password  your company Zendesk administrator password or  if you prefer to not share password with P3chat  API Token which you can get by clicking “Enable” checkbox in Zendesk Agent Console > Admin > API > Token Access.

Fig. 1. P3chat Dashboard  Zendesk integration page.

After saving the form all website visitors will be prompted to enter their name and email (fig. 2) before chat starts (this can be configured later, see below). This information is used internally by P3chat to link visitor with Zendesk profile and make it available in Rich Web Client.

Fig. 2. Pre-form on P3chat Chat Widget.

When visitor submits her email / name, your operators will see her profile information  in Rich Web Client fetched from Zendesk:

Fig. 3. Rich Web Client Zendesk user profile.

That’s all! Now you see how simple it is  start using Zendesk-P3chat integration for customers’ happiness.

Advanced settings

Sometimes you need more control and that’s when Advanced settings come into play:

Fig. 4. P3chat Dashboard  Advanced setting of Zendesk integration.

Here you can tune the following:
  • turn on|off automatic creation of tickets from chat transcripts or offline messages, 
  • set default ticket type and priority and 
  • configure widget Pre-Form
If you prefer to manually control which dialogs should be converted into tickets and which should not than you can uncheck “Create ticket from chat transcript”. After that new button will appear in Rich Web Client  “Create ticket”:

Fig. 5. P3chat RWC  Create ticket button.

Click this button and new window / tab will be opened with Zendesk account ticket creation form, pre-populated with values:

Fig. 6. Zendes site  New ticket form.

Here you can modify ticket details and submit it. When this visitor will come to your website next time and you will see her in P3chat RWC, you will also see her Zendesk profile in details (see Fig.3 above).

Thanks for your attention! Please let us know how this integration works for you or which other integrations are you interested in.

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