Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rich Web Client and Rules improvements

In this blog post I'm not going to focus on the single one new feature of P3chat as usually. In contrast, I'm going to give you a quick recap of a number of different features/improvements albeit smaller ones.

Rich Web Client addons

As we promised, we keep enhancing our app. Today we added two features — they are additional views that some people asked and others may find useful too.

The first one is a Map view of the location shown in a popup upon clicking the city in Visitor List:

Fig.1 - RWC - Location Map popup

Nothing fancy here, but still helpful. Forgot where NYC is, geographically? — you are one click away from refreshing your memory :)

One more view of interest today — Operator Info view. It is displayed when you click the Operator name in the app header:

Fig.2 - RWC - Operator Info popup

This allows you to quickly see the status of operators and departments he/she is currently assigned to. Oh, and of course the Working hours, that will be discussed in the next blog post very soon.

Last, but not least for Rich Web Client, we turned on the HTTPS protocol  for all sessions by default. It means that even if you go to the HTTP version of web client,, you will be redirected to https:// and this guaranties the best security of your chat conversations ever.

Rule notifications improvements

The very last improvement today — and again something people have been asking numerous times — is a new setting for Automatic Rules notifications. Notification here is obviously an invitation to chat that operator sees then the Rule fires. Not all such invitations would lead to actual conversation, as you might suggest, because not all visitors are willing to chat. Therefore you are seeing a lot of notifications but only few of them represent people who are in fact ready to chat. This may become annoying, especially if you have a very frequntly firing Rule (which we don't recommend).

The setting is simply a new checkbox in Rule configuration page that allows you to suppress notifications on every rule match-n-fire event and see only those where visitor actually answered the chat invitation:

Fig.3 - Dashboard - Rule settings

Note: some operators do in fact prefer to see all notifications to be in control. Indeed, this allows you to pro-actively start conversation with hesitating customer and make a sale. In fact, this is the only way to have (sort of) Active Invitations in a conventional Instant Messenger as opposed to Rich Web Client, where you can do this in one click.

Well, decision is always yours. Some people will definitely find this little option useful.

That's all for now. Thanks for your attention. Happy P3chatting :)

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