Friday, March 15, 2013

P3chat now supports Skype

P3chat is one of the first live chat solutions to support messaging through Skype. Now, when we added Skype support to P3chat, any chat operator will be able to receive messages from web site users and respond to them using Skype. Given P3chat pricing starting at $1.99 per month (one of the lowest among commercial chats), it makes P3chat one of the most attractive solutions for adding a live customer support chat to your web site.

What is P3chat?

Just in case you don’t know what P3chat is, P3chat is a live chat that you can embed into your web site as your customer support alternative. P3chat team emerged in 2010 in Minsk, Belarus and since then we’ve been continuously improving our product.

Why you could need Skype support

Up until now, we haven’t had support for Skype. Lots of customers requested this feature as Skype is one of the most popular messengers. Adding Skype support to P3chat would mean operators now can accept messages from web site visitors right inside their Skype window, and respond to them through Skype as well.

How does chatting through Skype work

Once you’ve configured yourself as a Skype-enabled operator, you are ready to start accepting customer support chats within Skype. This way, when a web site visitor starts a live chat on the web site, you will not need to open a web page, or install a specific application  — you will see all the messages in your Skype, and will be able to respond right there. In fact, for the customer, it looks like you are talking to them right within the chat window on the web site.
Note that Skype comes along with other supported instant messengers — including Google Talk/Jabber, Yahoo!, AIM, ICQ etc.

OK, I’m sold, how do I turn this on

For P3chat existing customers who already have some operators set up, here’s how to enable a Skype operator on your web site.
1. Log in to the P3chat Dashboard
2. Make sure you are signed in into your Skype (Microsoft) account.
3. Add new operator. Choose Skype among other available IM types and enter your Skype ID.

4. Chose how many chat channels (simultaneous conversations) your Skype-baked operator may have and click Apply to save the changes.
5. In a moment, you will see several Skype contact requests from P3chat bots having Skype IDs like “P3chat Channel 101”. You should accept them. These are needed for the Skype chat to work correctly.
6. If you would like to try this out, wait for an online visitor to initiate a live chat session or imitate it yourself. You should see an incoming Skype message and you can now chat with the customer right in your Skype.

What’s next

If you still have any questions or difficulties setting up Skype for your operators, don’t hesitate to contact us either through the live chat on, or send us an email at

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