Monday, July 2, 2012

Let’s set priorities

After numerous requests from our users, we added the opportunity of setting priorities for operators. It is available right now, so you can manage the workload of each operator!

To configure, go to Sites tab and find Operators & Departments section in your account. There you can assign a priority from 0 to 9 to each of your existing operators within each Department.

An operator with the lowest highest priority will be a "chief operator" and, usually, he/she will answer the majority of user questions. A chief operator solves the easiest and routine problems.

Depending on their priority, all other operators are appointed as additional operators. They will receive fewer messages, but at the same time they usually have more time to solve the most important and complex issues.

Update Feb26, 2014: We re-implemented Departments configuration and also improved the way priorities are handled, as following:

  • Priorities take effect within every Department of the Site. That is, you can have the same Operator assigned to different Departments and have different priorties in each.
  • We made it much easier to know which Operator is a 'Chief': Operators with higher priorties are 'bubbled up', so you can visually see which one is higher (more busy) than the other.
  • You can drag-and-drop Operators within Department to change their priority.
Pic. 1 - Higher-priority operator is 'bubbled up'

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