Wednesday, December 12, 2012

User name

From now on, P3chat Live Chat may ask site visitors to introduce themselves automatically. It is both pleasing for clients when they get more personal service and useful for operators who can better track the visitors and quickly recall the past conversations in history.

This feature can be enabled in admin panel's site page by checking "Ask for name" checkbox as shown on the picture below.

Once configured, the following prompt will appear in the chat window:

Looking forward for your feedback.

If you're not P3chat user yet, try this feature by signing up for FREE 14 days trial.

Monday, October 29, 2012

P3chat is now in Magento Marketplace

Good news for Magento users. From now on, you can easily add P3chat widget to your shop using Magento Connect.

 We consider integration complete by now, but of course, we are open to your comments and wishes.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

P3chat proactive online chat statistics - part 2

In the previous article we have shown you actual statistics of Rules usage. That time talking was about most popular time delay for rules. Now we want to share with you and discuss efficiency of delay means how much successful dialog happened for every delay.

Delay (sec)Place by popularity of usagePlace by efficiency

Below you can find most effective rule delays.

Place by efficiency1234567891011
Delay (sec)1503024090060120401800185600

So we can do simple conclusion based on this result. Just use
150, 30 and 240 seconds delay depends on situation and page content and this should lead to conversations rate increment.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Proactive online chat statistics

As most of you may be know we have proactive chat feature called Rules.
Now after some time is passed we have collected statistics about rules which can help you in own rules configuration. Here we will talk only about first type of rules: time on site.
 You can see auto chat open delay ordered by popularity bellow:

online chat statistics
   1.   0 sec - 22.3%   
   2.    60 sec - 10.9%
   3.    10 sec -   9.8%
   4.    30 sec -   9.8%
   5.      5 sec -   9.3%
   6.  300 sec -   4.6%
   7.  120 sec -   4.6%
   8.   3 sec -   3.7%
   9.    20 sec -   3.5%
  10. 180 sec -   3.3%
  11. other      - 18.2%

As is shown 0 sec. delay is most popular choice.

We will update this article after one week and tell you how much success dialogs happened for every configured delay from list above. Before this update you can live your guesses here in comments about first 3 places. Most intuitive commentator will get 2 months of p3chat subscription for free.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Affiliate program

   If you have your own website or maybe you are in the process of creating one and in the future you are planning to promote one, team of P3chat will help you generate unlimited income and maximize revenues from your site with minimal effort. We offer one of the most generous affiliate programs in the online consultant’s field.

  We want our partnerships to be mutually beneficial, and you should know that we are interested in your benefit. That’s why we’ve provided many options for our affiliates. First of all if your referrals make payments, you will receive up to 60% of each payment. Besides, the cost of using P3chat widget on your site will be reduced by at least 10% and up to a full cancellation charges.

  To find out more about some details of our programs, please contact our consultant.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Let’s set priorities

After numerous requests from our users, we added the opportunity of setting priorities for operators. It is available right now, so you can manage the workload of each operator!

To configure, go to Sites tab and find Operators & Departments section in your account. There you can assign a priority from 0 to 9 to each of your existing operators within each Department.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Joomla Live Chat

This screen cast is a How-To about the integration of P3chat Live Chat widget into your Joomla CMS.

1. Start with a site powered by Joomla