Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New feature for business

We’ve just completed an enhancement asked enormous number of times. It is automatic chat initiation based on user behavior. No more passive waiting for user to click that chat button and no more risk of never getting a chance to catch her up! Now you’re well-armed to turn every visitor into new customer.

We call this feature Rules and it means that chat window is opened automatically as soon as user behavior conforms to certain rules configured.

There are 3 types of rules:
  • Time on site
  • Pages/visits
  • URL destination

(In a sense, it is similar to Google Analytics’ Goals.)
Time on site
— for this simplest type, you configure the total time spent on site (say, 1 minute) and chat will be opened after that time to let user see there’s someone to help. It doesn’t matter how many pages a visitor will navigate during that period — this is total time as name suggests.

— lets you catch up visitors demonstrated strong interest. E.g., after configuring 5 pages you’ll get the user invited to chat after she navigated to the 5th page of your site. Note: additionally there can be configured a small timeout of, say, 15 sec before chat is opened upon page load; it can help not insult user immediately after landing new page and get comfortable with it first (psychology, you know).

URL destination
— it is used to open chat when user is on specific page address of your site, e.g. on payment page or exclusive offer materials. Page URL can be configured as Exact Match, Head Match or Regexp (sounds familiar, isn’t it?).

Moreover, all rules can be equipped with a special welcome message that visitor will see when the rule is fired. And, of course, Message history section was enhanced to let you see the performance of your rules.

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