Tuesday, July 26, 2011

p3chat quick setup instruction

  Register your account for p3chat online chat service

First of all you need to register witht he service. You don’t have to use your customer support representative’s contact info. It’s best to use your own contact info, and your password, to do that.
We recommend using XMPP (jabber) accounts as the most stable and reliable to date.

Let’s go ahead and configure the service for your needs. The service allows the web site visitor to talk to different departments of your organization (free version only supports a single department). It is a good idea to use your organization name as the department name. Now you can choose your user interface language (English is default) and customize the greeting message. It will be the first operator message visitor receives from operator after opening the chat. Free version also limits you to a single  operator. 
  Configure the operator

 After saving your changes, you can go ahead and configure your operator(s). Set a proper operator screen name — you probably don’t want your visitor to talk to someone named “operator”. It’s far more pleasant being greeted by “Natalie”. Don’t forget to set the operator language.

  Choose the chat button that will appear on your web site

Let’s continue configuring the chat for our web site, and we’re getting closer. Now you can configure the button that your web site visitors will see and click to open the online chat. You can also configure the button location on the page – see “Float button” and “Inline button” sections. As you can see from the name, the floating button will be always visible on the side of the web page (it can be either left, right, top or bottom side), and it will not scroll when the page content is scrolled. If you use the inline button, you are free to place it wherever you like. Let’s say, in the “Contact Us” section of your web site.
For the button design (meaning the button image) you can either upload a custom image, or specify an existing button design URL. The default button design is in English. If your language is any other than English, you will have to worry about creating the button design that matches your language of choice.

  Finish configuring the service

Normally you’d want to allow visitors leaving offline messages. You can do this by checking “Enable offline messages” option and entering the contact email address. After you specify the contact email address, you will receive a confirmation email and will need to confirm the email address.
If you wish to be able to review the whole history of conversations between visitors and operators, you will need to enable “Store all message history” option in the “History Settings” section.
The last thing for you to configure is the chat window size and position. The online chat is not using the pop up window technique by default. Using a pop up window could get your web site banned from search engines and would force  your users to go through a bunch of browser security dialogs. Instead the chat is loaded in a safe and friendly AJAX dialog. As for the width, some international localizations are better viewed with window width of 320 or more, otherwise your visitors might not see parts of the UI labels.

  Integrate the chat service into your web site

In fact, the integration is quite easy — you just need to insert the chat widget HTML code into your web site source code. Please follow the following simple rules:
1. Copy script from “Widget HTML Code” and  “Inline button” sections. Make sure it looks exactly the same to avoid typing errors.
2. Paste it at the bottom your web page source code, right before the <body> tag closure (before </body>). In case if you have any other scripts with the same recommendation (say, Google Analytics) just put P3chat’s widget source code above of them.


  1. lo siento pero no puedo, necesito mas ayuda...
    sigo paso a paso pero no puedo...

  2. I recommend you to watch this video http://blog.p3chat.com/2011/08/p3chat-quick-setup-video.html. If after that you will not be able to setup p3chat widget just describe your issue and contact through support@p3chat.com or p3chat.com site with as.

  3. What video? One didn't pop up when I when to the blog page.

  4. This video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AGoGgRguT8&feature=player_embedded

  5. Hi, this looks very nice and simple. I tried it on my site, with a free option, and have an immediate question — is there a way to terminate a chat from my end, instead of waiting for the user to press the “end chat” button? Sorry if this was asked already…

    1. Hi! To end conversations use operator command, just type !end directly into IM clients.
      Try !help (or !h) in your messenger and follow the guidance.

  6. Apologies if this has already been covered as well, but is there a way to change the time stamp on the offline emails? They are currently set to Greenwich time, but it would be nice if we could set it to our own time.

  7. Hi.
    The options to change your current time will coming soon.
    Thanks for your question.

  8. How can visitor hide the online button?

    1. Dear Anon,
      There's no such option now. Why/whom do you think it could be useful?


  9. i can't get the trial work..


    why p3chat005@yahoo.com and not my own yahoo id

    how to work with trial.
    i just want to try it
    before i purchase.
    Thank you

  10. You can use a trial version on tariff Starter during 14 days. At this time you'll have 1 department with 1 operator and 1 IM channel for your operator. Additionally you can use rules during these 14 days, which can help you to initiate a chat with your users automatically depending on time, that user spent on your site, or, for instance, a paticular page address.