Monday, December 12, 2011

Let's add an online chat to the web site, or p3chat plugin for wordpress

In this article I will explain how to add an p3chat online chat solution to web sites powered by Wordpress platform.
First, let me highlight the benefits of this particular service:
  • both free edition (1 operator, 1 IM channel, 1 department) and commercial editions for advanced users (starting at $6/mo) are available.
  • the chat does not slow down page load time. Actually, the script doesn't even start loading before chat is "activated";
  • localization (interfaces in Russian, French, Spanish and more);
  • cross-browser support;
  • support for a wide range of IM protocols for chat operators (in my case -- for my travel agency representatives). This includes XMPP (jabber), ICQ, Yahoo.

Now let's proceed and try to implement this easy chat solution.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New feature for business

We’ve just completed an enhancement asked enormous number of times. It is automatic chat initiation based on user behavior. No more passive waiting for user to click that chat button and no more risk of never getting a chance to catch her up! Now you’re well-armed to turn every visitor into new customer.

We call this feature Rules and it means that chat window is opened automatically as soon as user behavior conforms to certain rules configured.

There are 3 types of rules:
  • Time on site
  • Pages/visits
  • URL destination

(In a sense, it is similar to Google Analytics’ Goals.)
Time on site
— for this simplest type, you configure the total time spent on site (say, 1 minute) and chat will be opened after that time to let user see there’s someone to help. It doesn’t matter how many pages a visitor will navigate during that period — this is total time as name suggests.

— lets you catch up visitors demonstrated strong interest. E.g., after configuring 5 pages you’ll get the user invited to chat after she navigated to the 5th page of your site. Note: additionally there can be configured a small timeout of, say, 15 sec before chat is opened upon page load; it can help not insult user immediately after landing new page and get comfortable with it first (psychology, you know).

URL destination
— it is used to open chat when user is on specific page address of your site, e.g. on payment page or exclusive offer materials. Page URL can be configured as Exact Match, Head Match or Regexp (sounds familiar, isn’t it?).

Moreover, all rules can be equipped with a special welcome message that visitor will see when the rule is fired. And, of course, Message history section was enhanced to let you see the performance of your rules.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

p3chat quick setup instruction

  Register your account for p3chat online chat service

First of all you need to register witht he service. You don’t have to use your customer support representative’s contact info. It’s best to use your own contact info, and your password, to do that.
We recommend using XMPP (jabber) accounts as the most stable and reliable to date.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just released!

No more Beta label on the main page which means we're in release. Fixed many bugs and added features you've asked, we are proud to announce this now. Please check out our pricing and enjoy more operators/departments/channels for a very affordable (we believe) fee. Extended support is included in all paying accounts!

Few more languages

By courtesy of contributors we've got new widget languages: Spanish and Galician (by Ramón J González), German (by Christian Marquart) and Persian (by Hamid Zaeri). Thanks to you guys for your valuable work!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New languages

We added French and Ukrainian widget translations by courtesy of contributors and respectively. Thanks for great work!

Load button from URL

Up until now, button customization form let you upload images to store them on our servers. Now it additionally supports a 3rd-party image URLs that will be loaded directly from your pages. This may further improve performance!

Clear History

More control and privacy for free! Added ability to delete message history both on client and on server. Now visitors can feel more control of what is saved in their browser. Operators can be sure no unwanted pair of yes can ever see their confidential conversation.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MSN protocol

We add full Microsoft MSN protocol support as of today. Users of MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger can talk to their visitors through p3chat now. Create new operator and put your Live ID to start using the feature.

Away/DND status

Introduced support of Away and DND status familiar to most IM users. Messages will not be delivered to operators whose status is set to DND/Away. Also fixed annoying secondary authorization request experienced by ICQ users during channel adding.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Faster loading

In our ongoing effort to bring the best user experience we improved performance of widget loading. The button appears much smoother now and scripts are not loaded at all until really needed. Lazy loading in action!

Operator commands

Introduced new ability for operators to manage conversations with commands typed directly into IM clients. Try !help (or !h) in your messenger and follow the guidance.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

About p3chat

p3chat features:
-AJAX web interface
-Supporting Google Talk / Jabber, MSN, ICQ...
-Takes 1 minute to set up
-Supporting Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera...
-Won't slow down your web site
-Supporting English, Russian and more languages
-Based on strict web standards: HTM5, XMPP, etc.

P3chat website